Five Creative Tips on Application of Paper Doilies


If you are passionate about making all that surrounds you beautiful and unique, then paper doilies won’t be new terminology to use. Paper doilies are fabric made mats that possess different ornamental features. The openwork feature allows them to be used in various décor applications. There are a lot of ways that you can be creative in using paper doilies in your home. Creativity has no measure; therefore, read this guide to know some of the few tips and tricks of using paper doilies.

Doily Made Luminaries

The rustic and burlap nature of doilies makes them a perfect resource in the luminary manufacture industry. If precisely placed either on the entryways or mantles, they make an ideal appearance and décor. If you are thinking of making various wedding centrepieces designs, then paper doilies will come in handy.

Eco-friendly Painted Packaging

Go in an eco-friendly mode for your carrier bags with plain colours is not enough. Doilies are perfect for this kind of job. You can use doily paper to manufacture different designs and colours of eco-friendly carrier bags. Making any product beautiful and perfect means raising attraction and market. You can also think of how you can incorporate paper doilies in the manufacture of stencils.

Making of Lampshades

Interior décor comes with a lot of creativity. There are a thousand ways that you can make beautiful, doily lampshade decors. You need few other materials like paste for wallpaper, resin, cling film and doily balloon. It is best if you search online for guidance on how to make the best doily lampshade. There are a lot of YouTube tutorials that you can use, so don’t be limited in your imaginations.

Doily Made Pillows

Pillows give a bedroom beautiful interior scenery. It is worth mentioning that a bedroom should be a relaxing place where you can easily meditate with minimal distractions. Therefore, making the bedroom the most beautiful place to be in is the best thing that you can do. There are variations of doily pillow colours that you can choose from. Be careful when making doily pillows, for it takes a lot of sewing experience to make a perfect doily pillow. You can choose different themes for your bedroom.

Lacey Candle Holders Modeling

Did you know that it takes a doily paper to make an exquisite candle holder? You have often come across the most beautiful candle holders in malls and other elegant places like the Whitehouse. There is no crafting knowledge needed for you to make such candle holders.

All you need is to be creative in making these kinds of candle holders. Using paper doilies saves you money, time, and any other unforeseen costs. Using a whitepaper paste and crotchet doilies, you can easily mould any candle holder design that you want in a few minutes.


How best you can use or mould your paper doily stand between you and your creativity. It is best to try out your brains and see what it is capable of. Paper doilies can make the best vintage in a less costly manner as compared to other artefacts.


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