Get to Know the Different Types of Food Packaging Bags


Appropriate food packaging is a significant part of the food production and packaging industry. The packaging greatly impacts food quality, presentation, and sales. With the food sector being quite dynamic, the packaging options are many out there, giving you a chance to choose what suits your products and business. For instance, a quick look at the Alibaba store will reveal different quality packages for bagged packaged goods. We let you know these variations in detail to make it easy to decide what you want.

Everything you should know about the different types of quality food packaging bags

Let us all agree that quality food packaging bags can positively impact the food’s presentation, preservation, and quality. When the packaging bags are meant for packing deliveries, having the best present your products to customers in a way that makes them bond with your business, which brings in more sales. Below are some of the main types of approved packaging requirements.

Plastic food packaging bags

Plastic is the most common material for packaging foods. It is also the oldest. Below are some types of plastic food packaging bags;

  • HDE plastic bags- High-Density Polyethylene is a common type of plastic. It is semi-translucent, lightweight, and temperature resistant. This type of plastic is also resistant to water and vapor.
  • LDPE bags- Low-Density Polyethylene is an excellent option for utility and food packaging. They are breathable, clear, and strong. Therefore, they are great for commercial restaurants.
  • LLDPE- Linear Low-Density Polyethylene plastic bags gave thinner gauges. They are cheap but do not compromise on quality.
  • PP- Polypropylene is a non-breathable type of plastic used to store herbs, candies, and other food products that require enhanced shelf life. PP food packaging bags are also chemical resistant and strong. They are also very clear for enhanced product visibility.

Paper food packaging bags

These are packaging bags made from sustainable paper materials and are great alternatives to plastic food packaging. Paper food packaging guarantees durability, transparency, sealability, increased shelf-life, and printability. Biodegradable papers are designed to minimize the negative impact of food packaging products on the environment. Sustainable but plastic packaging products are currently the most popular in the market.

Vacuum food packaging bags

These bags are popular because they prevent food spoilage by eliminating contact with airborne microorganisms. All the air in the bags gets drawn out before sealing. The vacuum nature of the bags makes them great for fresh fruit storage and delivery.

Inflatable food packaging

These bags are suitable for puffed foods. They are also great for fragile foods like potato crisps and fries. The bags are typically filled with nitrogen or carbon dioxide gas after vacuuming; these gasses promote foot preservation and inhibit molds and other airborne microorganisms.


The food packaging you get for your products will impact its reception in the market. High-quality bags are great marketing tools and excellent packaging for keeping your customers glued to your products. You can get various high quality food packaging bags at low prices from online e-Commerce stores like Alibaba.


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