Review of Lifestyle Wellness Coach: A Practical Guide to Coaching Relationships

Review of Lifestyle Wellness Coach

Review of Lifestyle Wellness Coach: A Practical Guide to Coaching Relationships

What is Lifestyle Wellness? A lifestyle wellness program includes a set of activities and supports designed to promote good physical and mental health and well-being. It is based on the principle that all people have the ability to choose how they will live their lives and improve their health and well-being. These activities are part of a comprehensive plan that supports total well-being as a primary goal. Lifestyle wellness Coaches are professionally trained and independently certified to provide the knowledge needed to make this plan a reality.

The resources Lifestyle Wellness provides are intended to be used by individuals and couples. Course elements are delivered online: Lifestyle Wellness, Second Edition, book. Downloadable study guide. Continuing education test. Centered on an evidence-based method for motivating change, Lifestyle Wellness, Second Edition CE Course, provides a comprehensive approach to assisting people to make healthy lifestyle changes.

For busy professionals, lifestyle wellness coaches can offer the following services. They can coach individuals to reduce stress levels, improve relationships and reduce fat from their overall body. Along with coaching, these professionals can provide resources to support behavior change and family fitness goals. These include nutrition advice and assistance with fitness planning and exercise.

Lifestyle wellness coaching is an innovative and practical approach to enhancing one’s lifestyle. It offers a variety of approaches and applications that target some of the most difficult behaviors and habits to change. This third edition of Lifestyle Wellness incorporates the latest approaches to behavior change and incorporates cutting edge technology, research and data. With over 250 pages, the third edition of Lifestyle Wellness is an easy read that guides the reader through every step. This third edition of Lifestyle Wellness is the ultimate resource for those who want help in creating and implementing healthy lifestyle choices.

The authors continue to build upon the first and second edition of the book. They maintain the same high standards of quality and detail that have earned them a great reputation as experts in their field. In the second edition of the book, the authors explain how a well-rounded approach can help people achieve their goals. The flow model is described as a functional model that enables coaches to identify specific problem areas and recommend solutions that are functional in goal settings.

The flow model is described as a series of stages in which a person needs to journey through before reaching a desired outcome. These stages are illustrated with text, pictures and videos. For example, a photo of a pregnant woman is placed in the book’s third edition. As the pregnancy progresses, the text describes each stage and how it affects the pregnancy, from fatigue to labor. In addition, the flow model is described as a dynamic entity that facilitates coaching conversations, and it is illustrated with numerous fun activities, including one that allows participants to compare and contrast their lifestyle wellness coaching relationships.

The authors also continue to provide excellent material on how to create a thriving lifestyle wellness coaching relationship. They provide new insights into communication skills, conflict resolution and ways to cultivate open lines of communication. Finally, they add new materials to the book, including a legal brief on misrepresentation and a reference on creating a trustworthiness climate within your wellness circle.

The authors maintain that there is a difference between behavior change and lifestyle wellness coaching. For this reason, the book does not address issues related to this area. However, the authors do address aspects of change, such as the six stages of change and the connection between these six stages and lifestyle wellness coaching. The authors present research and case studies that support the concept that this can be a useful model for transforming people’s lives.


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