Is It Dangerous For Dogs To Use Bandanas?


When making your furry four-legged friend look attractive, one of the accessories that immediately comes to mind is a dog bandana. A fabric that can be pinned, hooked, or tied around a dog’s neck, the bandana has proven to be a fashion statement for dogs everywhere.

As a dog owner, you have the liberty of choosing from a wide variety of fabric materials, sizes, patterns, and designs to fit your taste. However, there is a question that often comes to most dog owners; Are bandanas safe for dogs?

This is because, in creating that fantastic, appealing look, you do not want to jeopardize the well-being of your dog.

Before we talk about ways in which bandana might not be safe for your dog to wear and how to prevent them, we must first discuss the numerous benefits it has;

● Comfort:

When the sun is out during hot spells, and you begin to sweat as you walk along the road on your morning or afternoon walks, you might be bothered about your furry friend walking alongside you. Thankfully, though, when dipped in water, some bandanas can absorb enough moisture that can keep your dog feeling fresh and cool all through.

● Warning:

Brightly-colored bandanas can conveniently be used instead of signs to pass warnings to other dog owners and the public. For example, if your dog is visually impaired, a white-colored bandana will tell people around that your dog has trouble seeing its surroundings. Blue means that your dog is a service dog, and yellow indicates recovery from surgery.

● Warmth:

Another good advantage of the bandana for your dog is providing warmth. When the weather is chilly, and you need to take your dog on a walk, a bandana can provide warmth as you cannot wrap a blanket around your dog while walking.

● Creativity:

Creativity and fashion, like we earlier mentioned, is an advantage of the bandana. Your dog’s bandana can be designed after your favorite TV show, cartoon, superhero, celebrity, you name it. As long as your creative juices are still running, there are endless possibilities.

Why People Might Consider Bandanas Unsafe For Dogs

The reason why many people might consider bandanas to be dangerous for dogs falls under getting the wrong size for your dog.

When purchasing a bandana for your dog from an online store, you have to make sure that you get the specifications and measurements correct. Usually, there are several criteria listed on these sites to help you choose a perfect size.

When buying a bandana, there are several things you need to consider:

  • The measurement is taken at the base of the neck. You place the tape at one end of your dog’s neck and go under the chin until both ends meet.
  • The other end must overlap the first to give enough space. Then six or seven more centimeters are added.
  • The base of the neck is where the neck stops, and the back starts. This is between the shoulder blades on top of the forelegs.
  • Where your dog has lots of furs, you have to flatten the hair a bit by tightening the tape. Be careful not to make it too tight.
  • Where your dog has rolls, like pugs, you measure the widest part of the neck.


Bandanas are generally safe for your dogs and puppies, as long as you get the measurements right – such that it is no too tight that it restricts breathing for your pet. It also shouldn’t be too big that it makes movement uncomfortable and cause your dog to choke on the fabric.

As long as these rules are adhered to, you will see that there are many enjoyable benefits to be gotten from buying your dog a bandana.


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