The Guide to Wearing and Maintaining Water Wave Wig


If you think of having the best and most fantastic hairstyles, you better think about the water wave wig. At chances, maybe it might be your first time you are using the water wave hair. Worry not, for this article covers all that you need to be a pro. This article will give you insights on how to best maintain and wear your wig for the longest time that you can ever imagine. It is best if you pay close attention to this article for the best results.

Water Wave Wig Elaborated

You might also want to refer to the water wave wig as the wet and wavy wig. Saturating the wig will enhance your wig’s texture to give it a curly feeling. There are a variety of wave wigs with different styles and sizes that are available for you. You may need to check on the online stores for what you can afford to have. The various online stores that you can buy from include Amazon and Aliexpress. You can decide to go for the Lace front, bang water wave wig, among many other varieties.

Quick Steps of Wearing and Styling Your Water Wave Wig

You might think that wearing this type of wig is the same as other wigs. Well, you might be correct, but with few exceptions that you will need to make. The styling needs careful and procedural handling, hence learning the following procedures in setting up your wig.

Step 1: Ensure you have tucked the loose ends after securing your natural hair at the back of your head.

Step 2: use a wig cap to protect your hair. You should consider well the best color for your case. Ensure that the edges of the wig cap are in line with your hairline on placing it on your head.

Step 3: use clips to secure your hair that is close to your face. It is advisable to trim the extra hair and lace around your hairline to ensure the cap integrates and looks natural on your head.

Step 4: Using a sponge for make-up and alcohol, remove oil from your skin by rubbing light alcohol on your skin. This step is crucial as it enhances the sticking of glue on your skin. You may need to use the scalp protector if you have sensitive skin.

Step 5: coat a thin layer of glue under your water wave wig hairline. Now spread the thin layer of glue using a make-up sponge or a soft brush on your scalp. Before you put your wig on, ensure the glue has dried and uniformly spread.

Step 6: To ensure proper alignment of the wig, place the water wave wig on your head. To secure the adhesive, gently press down your lace wig using your hands.

Step 7: Spray and condition your water wave wig using a mixture of a conditioner and water. To activate curls, you need to scrunch your hair. Lastly, ensure you moisten and shine your wig using natural oil.

Following the above steps will ensure that you have installed your wig in the best way. Not only installing in the best way but also styling it to look stunning.


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