How To Extend The Life Of Your Garden Hose


Gardening is a fun activity that you can do for recreation or business purposes. However, regardless of your reason for gardening, you will need some specific tools for the process. One of these tools is the garden hose. Click here ( for some of the best high-quality garden hoses. In this post, we discuss garden hose maintenance.

Tips for maintaining your garden hose

Below is a guide for how to maintain your garden hose;

1. Turn off the water after each application

One of the best and easiest ways to maintain and extend the life of your garden hose is by turning off the water after each application. Leaving the water on after using the garden hose tends to increase the pressure on the hose. The pressure can result in the hose developing leaks. In severe cases, the pressure may cause the hose to burst. Therefore, turning off the water hose may dramatically extend the life of your hose.

2. Ensure proper usage of the hose

Another way you can easily damage your hose reel is by not using it properly. Issues like leaving your hose tangled in a pile after application falls into the category of improper usage. This issue can result in the hose getting bent repeatedly, resulting in breaks, cracks, and splits. Therefore, practicing proper use, like dropping your hose when you are done, can help maintain it. On the other hand, tagging on the hose too much during applications can also cause it to stretch out and end up breaking or leaking.

3. Use a hose reel

Additionally, it would help if you spent time winding up the hose correctly after applying it. Doing this manually can be challenging and take a lot of time, especially if you have a long garden hose. Therefore, the best way to do this is by purchasing a hose reel. Doing this will significantly increase the life span of your garden hose.

4. Drain the hose before storage

Another tip for maintaining your garden hose is by draining it before storage after every application. When the cold season arrives, the cool temperatures may cause the water inside the hose to freeze. When this happens, the hose may develop splits, cracking, and develop holes. Therefore, when you clean up your garden for the autumn season before you neatly store your garden hose away, you must drain it completely. Doing this will allows you to enjoy using your hose reel for a long time.

5. Avoid dragging the hose

One of the most common mistakes that garden hose owners make is dragging or pulling on the hose. Dragging your garden hose by its nozzle can cause leaks around the attachments and nozzles. Additionally, it could also result in the hose developing severe damages over time. For instance, the hose material may get negatively influenced. A hose reel could also help avoid this issue. A portable hose reel is especially suitable because you can move it around your garden and never have to worry about pulling or dragging on the hose.

Final word

Caring for your garden hose correctly will extend its life. It will help keep your garden hose reel from cracking and getting holes. With proper maintenance, you can use a garden hose reel for several years. This is especially the case if the appropriate care is coupled with proper storage. However, it would also be wise to get a high-quality hose.


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